AUSTRALIAN authorities are to help with the investigation into the incident of the Viking Sky, the cruise ship that got into difficulties off the coast of Norway late last month.

On 23 March, Viking Sky’s main engines stopped while the ship was off Hustadvika.

Dramatic images and footage were shown around the world both on television and online, with guests seen sliding around the floor of the vessels as it pitched in large seas.

Guests later had to be rescued by helicopter.

Since then, the key question has been, ‘why did the engines stop?’


The Australia Transport Safety Bureau has now confirmed its involvement in the investigation, having been requested by Accident Investigation Board Norway.

“At the AIBN’s request, the ATSB is assisting with the collection of information relevant to the investigation,” the ATSB said in a statement online.

However the ATSB will not be releasing information about the incident.

Rather, such requests for information must go through Norwegian authorities.