SEAFARERS from the ship Hokkaido Bulker have undergone further testing by Queensland Health after one of their number tested positive to COVID-19 last weekend.

As was reported in Daily Cargo News, a crew member was taken to Sunshine Coast University Hospital after testing positive, albeit without symptoms, and the ship was moved to a Port of Brisbane anchorage off Mooloolaba.

The vessel had 19 crew aboard and departed Manila on Saturday 4 July.

MSQ general manager Angus Mitchell said the ship had since been disinfected including the bridge and accommodation and stair cases.

A second round of testing was done for the 18 crew remaining aboard, including SWAB and blood tests and all were reported clear albeit one was identified with anti-bodies indicating he has had COVID previously but was not infectious.

A third round of testing is set for Monday 27 July.

“The purpose of this test is to ensure another snap shot in time after the positive test of the crew member and to ensure the matter is fully managed in Queensland prior to sailing to Newcastle,” Mr Mitchell said.


“MSQ is working with the agent and Master to continue to monitor the health and welfare of the crew remaining aboard.”

The Brisbane Mission-to-Seafarers organised care packs for the crew while they are at anchor.

The vessel is expected to enter Port of Brisbane on Thursday night “for cargo operations”, before departing again on Friday (24 July).

No crew members are to disembark the vessel while it is alongside Brisbane.

As mentioned above there will be a third round of testing and this will occur at anchor after cargo discharge.