MARITIME insurer North P&I Club says shaping the future of the industry is behind its decision to partner with the Global Maritime Forum.

The forum is a global platform that aims to bring about positive long-term change for both the maritime industry and society.

The forum brings together leaders from across the maritime sector together with stakeholders such as regulators, policy makers, intergovernmental institutions and academia.

North chief executive Paul Jennings said one of North’s strategic objectives was to support the maritime industry in becoming more globally responsible.


“Therefore this partnership is key to our corporate and social responsibility across our global markets,” Mr Jennings said.

“The forum’s initiatives such as decarbonisation and safety are in keeping with the guidance and support we provide to our shipowner members.”

The forum is to also serve as a broader platform for collaboration between partners in order to address the global challenges that are particularly important to the maritime industry.

Global Maritime Forum managing director Michael Sosted said confidence was the foundation for global seaborne trade.

“North P&I Club is a leading marine mutual liability insurer,” their Sosted said.

“Their deep insight into the maritime industry will help us drive positive change to the benefit of business and society as a whole.”