MARITIME Industry Australia has used the International Day of the Seafarer (25 June) to reflect upon the role of sailors across the globe.

Chief executive Teresa Lloyd also spoke of the need for Australia to retain a maritime skill set.

Ms Lloyd said seafaring was an essential service and only made possible by the work of dedicated professionals often working far from home.


She said maritime nations functioned because of the skills developed as seafarers, later applied ashore to run ports and keep our waters safe.

Teresa Lloyd says Australia needs to retain its maritime skills. Credit: MIAL

“Australia is running critically low on opportunities for Australians to acquire these skills and this places great pressure on future generations to find ways for an island nation to operate without the knowledge and expertise long relied upon,” Ms Lloyd said.

“MIAL has identified solutions to this problem and looks forward to the government adopting as many as possible and as soon as possible so that we might stem the tide…before it is too late.”