PORT of Newcastle and the University of Newcastle have signed a tripartite agreement with Pusan National University on developing a research centre for green ammonia power generation.

A key driver for the agreement is the partnership with Port of Newcastle to enhance commercialisation opportunities and develop the export of green ammonia from Newcastle to South Korea.

The project, funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea, includes a $1.3-million commitment over a five-year period covering education, research and the establishment of a research centre at Port of Newcastle.

The five-year partnership aims to enhance Australia’s collaboration with South Korea to increase adoption of low and zero-emissions technologies.

Port of Newcastle CEO Craig Carmody said the partnership would support the establishment of the port’s Clean Energy Precinct, a project at the centre of the port’s diversification strategy.

“We are standing at the forefront of the development of a new industry,” Mr Carmody said.

“Partnerships, both local and international, which bring together knowledge, infrastructure, investment, skills and resources, will be critical in the establishment and scale-up of a domestic clean energy economy and export trade pathway at Port of Newcastle.

“This partnership will play a central role in the Port of Newcastle cargo diversification strategy. We will provide and support not only within this port, but throughout the Hunter Region.

“Creating a place for local, Australian and international commercial expertise and research knowledge to work collaboratively, ensures Newcastle and the Hunter remains Australia’s energy powerhouse.”

University of Newcastle vice-chancellor Alex Zelinsky said the partnership would enhance research in clean energy locally, which would make a global impact on net zero emissions.

“Our university is committed to discovering local research solutions to national and global problems,” Mr Zelinsky said.

“Our region is ideally placed to tackle clean energy solutions and we’re proud to partner with Port of Newcastle and Pusan National University to grow new industries for our region and develop new clean energy technologies.

“We’re excited by the opportunities this partnership will also create for our students to collaborate on clean energy projects and gain hands-on-experience with industry to become work-ready graduates.”

Port of Newcastle chief commercial officer Simon Byrnes (left) with University of Newcastle vice-chancellor Alex Zelinsky and Pusan National University vice president Chung-Hwan Jeon. Image: University of Newcastle