WISETECH Global CEO and founder Richard White has sold a tranche of shares in the company via his own RealWise Holdings Pty Ltd.

However the sale of 2,445,653 shares represents less than 1% of the total issued capital of WiseTech Global and Mr White will still have voting control over about 151m WTG shares (or 46.9% of issued capital) upon sale completion.

In a letter to WTG, Mr White said since WiseTech’s listing on the ASX in 2016, he had released shares once in December 2017 to facilitate liquidity.

“Now, I have released this small amount of my shareholding via RealWise in June to accommodate year-end personal financial commitments,” he said.

“I remain a proud, long-term shareholder with approximately 46.9% control and, as founder and CEO, deeply committed to WiseTech and its long-term growth strategy.

“I reiterate that I intend to remain a substantial shareholder for the very long-term and remain, as ever, firmly committed to WiseTech,” he said.

I am confident of WiseTech Global’s long-term potential and am determined to drive that potential as far and as swiftly as possible.”