SOUTH Australian exports grew 12% in the 12 months through November last year, reaching a value of $17.9 billion, according to the latest data available from the state.

China is SA’s biggest export destination, with the value of goods going from the state to the country increasing 46% year-on-year to $3.2 billion.

SA welcomed China’s recent removal of trade impediments on products such as barley, and the SA government has continued to advocate for eased restrictions on lobster and wine.

India became South Australia’s fourth largest export market, with export growth of 24 per cent to $1.1 billion for the year ending November 2023.

This coincides with SA trade and investment minister Nick Champion’s mission to India last year which was the first visiting delegation by a South Australian Minister since 2017.

South Australia’s share of national exports is just over three per cent for the year. Australian merchandise exports declined by 3.6 percent to $562.4 billion in the same period.

Mr Champion said the state’s exports have reached record growth and have topped the nation for the fourth consecutive month, up 12 per cent on the previous year.

“Importantly, we have seen growth across a number of sectors and industries as South Australia continues to punch above its weight and outperform the rest of the nation,” he said.

“The stabilisation of the relationship between Australia and China continues and South Australia’s commitment to ongoing partnerships and collaboration with the region remain following visits to China by both the Premier and the Prime Minister.”