POLITICAL tensions in the South China Sea and trade ramifications are to attract close scrutiny at an upcoming event in Canberra.

Maritime law and security analyst Professor Douglas Guilfoyle of the University of New South Wales is to speak at the 2019 Biennial Conference in Canberra, to be held on 18 October and organised by the Australian Institute of Marine Surveyors.

Professor Guilfoyle has published several papers on the issues in the South China Sea, with the claims of China competing with those of other, small nations in the region such as Vietnam and the Philippines.

AIMS chief executive Susan Hull said Professor Guilfoyle’s presentation was timely.


“With all the events going on, it will be very easy to militarise [the South China Sea], so the question is: what will this mean for shipping?” Ms Hull said.

“What will it mean if trade is restricted going through there?”

Other presentations during the conference are to address topics such as autonomous shipping.

AIMS can be contacted for more information.