WATERFRONT workers from Hutchison Port Holdings in Sydney are to work off the job for four hours between 10am and 2pm Friday.

While this is protected industrial action as part of enterprise bargaining negotiations, the stoppage will also allow workers to join the Climate Strike in Sydney.

Wharfies from other terminals are the country are expected to be joining the protests also, albeit not taking industrial action.

Maritime Union of Australia Sydney branch secretary Paul McAleer wharfies had always acted in the progressive interests of the community and the planet.


“Wharfies understand that the climate emergency is a working class issue and are prepared to stand with students and anyone else willing to fight for an ecologically sustainable planet,” Mr McAleer said.

“Students are taking action because of the absence of genuine efforts by politicians and big business to ensure future generations inherit a thriving environment and not the drought-stricken polluted wreck that we seem intent on handing over to our children.”

The MUA/CFMMEU protesting earlier in the year. Credit: MUA

Mr McAleer said striking students and striking workers could fix a broken system.

“We applaud the dedication of climate strikers and are prepared to take whatever action is necessary for a just transition to a just environment,” he said. “We call upon the union movement to support all initiatives designed to combat catastrophic climate change through any means necessary.”