TOWNSVILLE stevedore TML is implementing Inbound, a web-based truck appointment system which aims to ease congestion caused by unscheduled truck arrivals.

Inbound is a digital platform built to control incoming traffic and provide visibility at warehouses and logistics facilities that deal with bulk, general and automotive cargo.

A flyer from TML announcing the implementation said it would improve operational efficiency, streamline document management and improve safety and compliance outcomes.

TML general manager Damien Scott said, “As a company that prides itself on offering superior service and productivity to our clients through the smart use of technology and systems, the introduction of Inbound at our TML’s facilities in Townsville makes perfect sense.

“Clients and transport companies will now have more visibility of vessel availabilities and terminal capacity than ever before, which will make the job easier for all parties,” Mr Scott said.

Inbound CEO and founder Luke Duffy said the Inbound community continues to expand largely because there is a need in the industry for a flexible, easy-to-use vehicle booking and visibility system.

“And the more facilities – ports, warehouses and others – become part of it, the stronger the community becomes and the closer to a single source of all relevant information for the supply chain we get,” he said.

“In this case, having TML join gives us and our users completeness in the Port of Townsville, because the other stevedore – NSS – is already on our system.”

 Mr Duffy said the implementation of the system would help eliminate queuing and congestion, which is common on days when vessels arrive.

“It will also eliminate enormous amounts of manual process, such as printing paper documents, checking by phone or email about changing vessel schedules, and much more,” he said.

“Facilities will be better able to plan and manage labour and equipment proactively, which reduces wastage (and cost).”