DEUTSCHE Post subsidiary and electric light vehicle supplier StreetScooter GmbH has signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese automobile manufacturer Chery Holding Group.

Chery is a Chinese automobile manufacturer and is expanding within the light cargo electric vehicles and micro e-mobility solutions sector.

The memorandum was signed by StreetScooter CEO Jörg Sommer and chairman of Chery Holdings, Yin Tongyue, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

The two companies plan to develop an electric light utility vehicle for the international market.


The market entry of StreetScooter in China continues the internationalization of the company after the strategic cooperation with the Japanese logistics company Yamato.

“This production and sales agreement is a major milestone in our company’s, as yet, short history,” said Jörg Sommer, CEO of StreetScooter GmbH.

He said StreetScooter now had a commercial presence in Japan and China, the two most important national economies in Asia.

Chery chair Yin Tongyue said strong cooperation between Chery and StreetScooter would create opportunities for both parties to explore the global market, especially in the EU and China.

“It will also help Chery to further accelerate the development of innovative solutions based on new energy and smart interconnection and therefore surpass traditional fuel vehicles,” he said.

Chery will actively integrate the global unique resources and know-how through open cooperation and customer centric unique-selling-propositions and offerings.”

The joint venture also aims to establish a location for research and development in China, focusing on developing eLCV components, technology, vehicle architecture and design, autonomous logistics and energy solutions.