WAYFINDER’S ‘Ambassador Pilot Program’ has been launched in Melbourne with a gathering at Deakin Downtown (Melbourne CBD).

Wayfinder is a program in its second year that has a range of initiatives aimed at closing the gender gap within the logistics sector.

A select group of 42 Wayfinder ambassadors are to share their career journey to provide a practical understanding of supply chain careers and what it is like to work in a supply chain.

They had earlier been nominated by their various employer organisations and had joined the Wayfinder Ambassador Pilot Program.


The Melbourne launch and training session was led by Professor Hermione Parsons and included a welcome, followed by training and networking.

Michelle Redfern founder of Advancing Women and a new member of the Wayfinder National Steering Committee facilitated discussions around what it means to be an ambassador and how to reach more women with a targeted approach.

The Wayfinder ambassadors gathered in Melbourne. Credit: Wayfinder

She talked about the importance of being ‘a positive advocate in everything an Ambassador does’ both within their organisation and outside in the community.

The session also included a networking session.

“The passion and enthusiasm in the room was palpable,” said Wayfinders business development manager Jennifer Jones.

“Wayfinder Ambassadors love what they do, are focused on attracting other women into this growing and fast paced industry and can’t wait to get out into the community to start ‘spreading the word.”

Interest has been expressed for a Sydney pilot program which is expected to be launched in months to come.