ADELAIDE Airport could face disruption to passenger travel in coming weeks if rates and conditions of security workers are cut, the Transport Workers Union says.

This follows a change of security contractor.

The TWU says workers have been told to re-apply for their jobs following the awarding of the security contract to SNP Security, previously held by ISS Facility Services.

TWU SA/NT senior branch official Matt Burnell said the federal government and Adelaide Airport must ensure both companies facilitated the transfer of jobs with the same terms and conditions.

“The federal government must take responsibility for these workers and any threat to their pay and conditions,” Mr Burnell said.

“Adelaide Airport made the decision to change contractor, a decision we assume was based either wholly or partly on cost. But the travelling public won’t thank the airport for choosing a low cost contract if it means compromising on safety and security.”


Mr Burnell said the government had the power to ensure all workers were offered jobs with the new contractor on the same rates and conditions.

“This is about maintaining standards at our airports and ensuring against a race to the bottom in aviation that will see security and safety compromised,” he said.