A SPECIAL train shifting Australian Defence military equipment has begun its return trip to Darwin from Port Augusta in South Australia.

The movement of up to 20 flat-top wagons, loaded with military transports, is expected to arrive at the Berrimah rail yards late on Thursday.

The return journey marks a milestone for rail operator, Genesee & Wyoming Australia, completing a two-way round trip on the Adelaide to Darwin rail line.


This is the first time in years this infrastructure has been used for a major movement of Australian defence equipment.

GWA operates almost 5000km of track in South Australia and the Northern Territory, including the 2200km Tarcoola‐to‐Darwin railway.

GWA chief executive Luke Anderson, said the project demonstrated GWA’s strong capabilities in large-scale logistics solutions compared with the number of road vehicles that would have otherwise been required.

“This provides a safer and with less emissions, a more environmentally friendly solution,” Mr Anderson said.

“It is hopefully the forerunner to further such northern Australia rail opportunities between the Department of Defence (Australia) and GWA.”