A LIBERIAN-flagged bulker has been detained at Port Kembla after safety concerns were raised by labour groups.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority general manager of ship safety Allan Schwartz confirmed they detained the Anna Elisabeth (IMO 9407471) after an inspection revealed several deficiencies.

AMSA inspectors visited the ship after receiving a complaint from the International Transport Workers Federation and the Maritime Union.

The AMSA surveyor found deficiencies including:

  • Vessel not crewed in accordance with the minimum safe manning document;
  • Seafarer Employment Agreements
  • No access to shore leave granted
  • Rescue boat davit not fully operational
  • Insufficient food provisions on board for length of journey

Ship operators procured further food on Tuesday, ensuring there were sufficient provisions on board. However, the vessel has been detained until the remaining deficiencies are rectified.


All Australian-registered and foreign-flagged vessels within Australian waters must comply with the standards in the Maritime Labour Convention.

Mr Schwartz said the proper treatment of seafarers was just as important as the proper maintenance of ships’ equipment.

“All ships in Australian waters need to comply with Australian standards,” Mr Schwartz said.

“Seafarers live difficult lives often spending many months at sea away from their families and friends. Any vessel which is found to be in breach of the MLC or other Australian standards will be detained by AMSA and repeat offenders risk being banned from Australian waters.”

International Transport Workers’ Federation national inspector Dean Summers said the food allocations were inadequate.

“Meat and fish were freezer burnt and fresh provisions were very low, certainly not enough to get 17 seafarers to Singapore,” Mr Summers said.

He criticised the shipowner, the German company Johann MK Blumenthal for the condition of the ship.