A SIGNIFICANT rain event in central South Australia has damaged sections of the rail line between Adelaide and Tarcoola, train services from Adelaide to Perth and Darwin impacted.

The Australian Rail Track Corporation said the track could remain closed for up to 12 days while damage is repaired.

Eight locations, all within 100 kilometres of Tarcoola, were damaged due to the initial rainfall and flooding over the past weekend.

ARTC said while crews worked to fix issues caused by late last week’s rain, heavy rainfall on Sunday and Monday caused additional damage.

ARTC said these additional sites are extensively damaged and access to site locations is challenging, with many still under water – up to eight sights are inaccessible as of Wednesday due to flood waters.

An aerial inspection was performed by helicopter on Tuesday due to restricted road and rail access, to further asses areas for any additional damage and to assist in the development of a recovery plan.

A spokesperson from ARTC said more than 200 millimetres of rain fell in 24 hours in some area and operations have temporarily ceased between Adelaide and Tarcoola.

“Meteorologists have described the rainfall as a once in 100 to 200-year event,” the spokesperson said.

“Repair works are underway where possible, however additional damage has been identified following our initial inspections.”

“Up to eight affected locations are inaccessible due to the flood waters. With further inclement weather expected and as repairs continue, ARTC expects track will remain closed for at least twelve days.”