PORTS of Auckland announced it would introduce an infrastructure levy at its Fergusson Container Terminal from 1 January 2022.

The levy is to be charged to shipping lines and will apply to international and domestic laden import and export containers.

POAL is to introduce the new charge in a two-phased approach. It will start on 1 January at NZ$20 per TEU. ON 1 July next year, it will double to NZ$40 per TEU.

In a notice to customers, POAL said the levy is to help recover the cost of infrastructure investments related to increasing ship sizes and exchange volumes.

“The $330 million upgrade programme included a new 310-metre container berth, three new cranes, new reefer facilities, more truck capacity, two hectares of reclaimed land and terminal automation,” the POAL notice said.

“Most of this infrastructure has been built and is operating, but as recognition that automation is not yet complete, we have delayed the full implementation of the levy until the start of the next financial year, when the system will be fully operational.”