GLADSTONE Ports Corporation has exported a 50,000-tonne shipment of limestone from the Barney Point Terminal onto the Marshall Islands-flagged bulker Georgia M.

GPC said this is the first time such a shipment has departed the terminal since it was converted to a multi-commodity bulk export terminal.

Over 11 days trucks loaded the locally mined limestone from Graymont Australia’s mine in Calliope onto the vessel. This domestic export of limestone is part of a trial shipment.

GPC began diversifying the list of cargoes handled at the Barney Point terminal in 2016.

About 4.5 million tonnes of coal was exported annually until 20 May 2016 when the terminal exported its last shipment of coal and ceased coal operations all together.

GPC acting CEO Craig Walker said the first shipment of limestone was a breakthrough for GPC and a win for local businesses.


“We’ve been able to give the terminal a new lease on life by transforming it into a multi-commodity bulk facility after it has spent almost 50 years exporting coal,” Mr Walker said.

“Local companies were engaged to truck 50,000 tonnes of the quality product to our Barney Point Terminal.

“While it’s only in a trial phase now, we’re excited about the future of Barney Point,” he said.