CARGO throughput at Gladstone Port totalled 9.73 million tonnes in February, according to the latest available trade statistics from the port. This was down 5% on January’s figures. However, throughput was slightly up on the same period last year by less than 1%.

Throughout the month, the port handled 8.05 million tonnes of exports. These were dominated by coal (5.3 million tonnes), LNG (1.9 million tonnes) and alumina (452,898 tonnes). South Korea was the destination for 23% of all exports, closely followed by India (20%) and then China (18%).

Imports for the port totalled close to 1.7 million tonnes in February, with the main commodity being bauxite (1.4 million tonnes). Caustic soda was the next largest (151,324 tonnes), followed by petroleum products (63,268 tonnes). Australian ports accounted for 87% of all the port’s imports. Japan was the origin port for 5% of imports while Taiwan accounted for 4%.

There were 142 vessel visits to Gladstone throughout the month, with 110 of these visits being export vessels. Of this, 58 vessels (53%) were for the export of coal.