A HYDROGRAPHIC survey team from the Port Authority of New South Wales has helped uncover the secrets of Sydney Harbour.

Major shipping channels and berths of Sydney Harbour were mapped out in order to help develop marine pilot plans to allow big ships to navigate safely into the harbour.

An underwater bathymetric “flyby” done by the hydrographic survey team revealed what lies beneath Sydney Harbour, including the wreck of the TSS Currajong off Bradley’s Head.


A 3D image of the TSS Currajong — a collier sunk in 1910 and now Sydney’s largest shipwreck, lie about 30 metres under one of Australia’s busiest shipping lanes.

Another interesting discovery was a submerged sports car, found near the city’s wharves and jetties.

The Port Authority of New South Wales hydrographic survey team help ensure the waters of Sydney Harbour, Port Botany, Port Kembla, Yamba and Eden are safe for shipping.