THREE Chinese warships have arrived in Sydney Harbour, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison reassuring the public the visit had been pre-arranged.

The mini armada was made up of the frigate Xuchang, an auxiliary replenishment ship Luoma Hu and amphibious vessel Kunlun Shan.

They are reported to have been returning from counter-drug trafficking operations in the Middle East, taking the long way back home to China.

They are docking at Garden Island for a four-day stopover, where they were snapped by DCN business development manager Lindsay Reed.


Australian naval ships recently visited China and the visit has been described as a “reciprocal visit”.

The ships have arrived at a time of some tension, with China’s claims over parts of the South China Sea disputed by western nations and their allies.

The visit has also coincided with the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, with the resulting crushing of any movement towards liberal democracy in the People’s Republic.

Lindsay Reed / DCN