THE QUEENSLAND Department of Transport and Main Roads is undertaking public consultation on the draft master plans and overlays for three of North Queensland Bulk Ports’ ports.

DTMR is leading the priority port master planning process encompassing the Ports of Abbot Point and Mackay/Hay Point (as one priority port).

A statement from NQBP said the consultation will include public information sessions and will run until 20 January 2023.

“Port master planning helps guide the development of ports in a way that balances long-term economic growth, job creation, environmental values and community interests while protecting the Great Barrier Reef,” the port authority said.

“NQBP has been closely involved in the lead-up to the consultation process, providing advice on the long-term plans for its ports, and key environmental, cultural, and social considerations.”

According to the most recent available statistics from NQBP, the Port of Abbot Point handled a total of 3.1 million tonnes in November and 14 million tonnes for the financial year to date (July through November).

For the full 2021-22 year, Abbot Point handled 28.23 million tonnes of throughput.

In November, the Port of Mackay handled 370,481 tonnes of cargo. For the financial year to date, it handled 1.5 million tonnes of cargo, and for the past full financial year, it handled 3.59 million tonnes.

And Hay Point, for the year to date, handled 17 million tonnes of cargo, and for the 2021-22 financial year, it handled 43.9 million tonnes.