INCAT Tasmania has handed over the 76-metre-long high speed passenger catamaran to its new owner Daezer Ferry of South Korea.

Incat Hull 099 is predominately a passenger craft with ramp and cargo space forward.

It will operate for Daezer Ferry on the crossing between Pohang and Ulleung, an island 117 nautical miles off the eastern coast of South Korea.

Incat Tasmania chairman Robert Clifford said Incat is no stranger to Korean waters having delivered its first vessel to the region in 1995, the Sunflower.

“The Sunflower served Ulleung island for 25 years and was only recently retired by Daezer in compliance with Korean ship age limits,” he said.

Mr Kim, CEO of Daezer Ferry said: “We are thrilled to introduce the El Dorado Express, a remarkable vessel that will navigate the challenging waters of the East Sea of Korea with unparalleled speed. In our quest to deliver the fastest ferry, we chose Incat as our partner, confident in their ability to provide the highest quality craftsmanship.”

The El Dorado Express features Incat’s wave-piercing hullform and centre-bow arrangement.