THE AUSTRALIAN Maritime Officers Union and Poseidon Sea Pilots returned to the Fair Work Commission on Friday to continue negotiations that will determine whether pilots launch industrial action at the port of Brisbane.  

The AMOU and PSP have been discussing an enterprise bargaining agreement since June this year, when the FWC approved a protected action ballot order filed by the union.

The ballot received a unanimous vote of support from PSP’s pilots in Brisbane. They have the FWC’s permission to launch industrial action, but productive meetings over the past few weeks have so far kept it at bay.

AMS Group CEO Glen Marshall told DCN the most recent meeting on 11 August was “another productive day” at the Fair Work Commission.

“Poseidon submitted its final offer to the AMOU today which we understand will be put to a vote by the pilots as soon as next week,” he said.

The union promised last Friday to hold off taking action prior to the FWC meeting on 11 August. As of Sunday 13 August, the union has given no notices of industrial action.

Industrial action outlined in union’s ballot includes overtime bans, work stoppages, bans on driving company vehicles and performance-related bans.