TASMANIAN shipbuilder Incat has introduced a four-day work week for its production staff.

Incat expects the new approach to increase productivity and enhance the wellbeing of its employees. The new hours are 0600 to 1620 with a morning tea and lunch break, the company said on LinkedIn.

The announcement comes as the Incat looks to expand its Hobart shipyard and workforce to build more battery electric ships.

Incat CEO Stephen Casey said the company believes a compressed work week would have a positive impact on the company’s operations and help employees balance their jobs with the things that happen outside of work.

“By prioritising the well-being of our employees and giving them an extra day away from work each week, we’re not only reducing burnout and turnover rates but also fostering a happier, healthier, and more productive and engaged workforce,” he said.

“The flexibility is what sets our approach apart, as it allows production employees to choose between a four-day or five-day schedule, depending on their preference and commitments outside of work.

“This allows us to accommodate the needs of our diverse workforce, ensuring that everyone can achieve a healthy work-life balance.”

Incat shipyard works co-ordinator Michael Berwick said the feedback from the workforce so far has been positive.

“As a workforce we have been really excited about the prospect of the four-day work week,” he saod/

“We see it as a way to have more time for ourselves and with our families, which I think will lead to higher job satisfaction and productivity.

“The four-day work week is a win-win for employees and the company. It allows the workforce to recharge and come back to work more energised, which I think will improve the efficiency and quality of our operations.”