ASX-LISTED WiseTech Global has agreed to acquire Aktiv Data, an electronic customs and freight forwarding specialist in Finland.

Aktiv Data’s flagship product is nTax, cloud-based freight forwarding and customs system which supports multiple local and transit customs procedures with a direct message exchange with the Finnish Customs office.

The company also offers freight forwarding, bonded warehouse and waybill products. Its customers are international and Finnish forwarders and shippers.

WiseTech Global chief execution officer Vlad Bilanovsky said WiseTech would offer Aktiv Data’s electronic customs system to CargoWise customers.

He said the acquisition would make it easier for CargoWise users to compny with Finland’s cross-border requirements.

“Our strategy is to provide a single global customs system for customs clearance and cross-border compliance to make customs processing more efficient, compliant, and secure for international freight forwarders,” Mr Bilanovsky said.

“With the Aktiv Data acquisition, our global customs system will cover approximately 76% of global manufactured trade flows via a combination of our native customs platform and acquired businesses, taking us closer to our 90% target.”

Aktiv Data’s operations is to be integrated within the WiseTech Global group and remain under the current leadership of CEO Kaj Svarvar.

Aktiv Data would continue to deliver their customs solutions directly to their customers and offer other CargoWise solutions over time.

“We are excited to join WiseTech Global and become a part of their global customs footprint,” Mr Svarvar said.

“Our nTrax customers will benefit from being able to access CargoWise’s customs and compliance capabilities in other countries to ensure goods move smoothly across borders to avoid cargo delays, inspection fees and fines, as well as the opportunity to expand their business using the CargoWise platform.”

Aktiv Data was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Jakobstad, Finland.

WiseTech noted Finland has the second highest container port throughput in Northern Europe, according to UNCTAD.

Its top exports are machinery, mineral fuels and paper products to markets across the European Union and US.