There’s a lot about Price & Speed you may not know

We made a decision 20 years ago to lead the pack in DoAWR processing, and centred the construction of our Baker Street depot around DAFF. The most important thing we have done is build a team that can handle whatever issue a Freight Forwarder or Broker may have. If there is a problem, we believe we have a solution to handle it – and if we don’t, we guarantee to help you find someone who will be able to help you.

I have always believed that the staff with boots on the ground are the ones who run the depots, and that phone service will always be the most important way of communication. Here at Price & Speed we live by this policy.

It’s common to hear the hype; “we are the best, we do things better than the rest” – to me, these are throwaway lines used to build up our ego and I won’t do that today. At Price & Speed, our line is “Try us once and feel the difference in service levels”.


With shipping lines acquiring logistics companies and larger forwarders amalgamating with other companies in the intermodal world, I believe it compromises service levels as everyone is getting too big to help the small guys.

I have owned Price & Speed since its inception in 1980. Prior to that, I had also worked in customs & freight forwarding, so I understand the issues you deal with on a daily basis.

I know you will want to call one number to handle every single problem a consignment could require before release. Please see below a list of services we have established over time; we now have four depots in botany with a fifth depot soon to be opened out West. All of these depots cater to our different services, to ensure a specialised approach to each job.

E.g.: OOG, BMSB, Project Work, fully Quarantine Manned & Customs bonded depots so you are never waiting to book officers. This is the level of service I believe every forwarder should have access to. We have purposely acquired 4 different depots to avoid ranks or depot overflow because we understand how important driver timelines are in this day and age.

If you have personally had a bad experience with us for any reason I would love to hear from you. Myself & my sales team will be venturing out to spend time with all our customers to hear what the industry needs are for the next few years.