Meet the rugged tablet that doubles as a vehicle-mounted computer

YARDS are extremely busy places – at any given time, scores of vehicles, cargo and people are moving throughout the terminal completing a number of critical, time-sensitive processes. From loading/ unloading containers and pallets and cross-docking to inventory management and cold storage, ports and yards rely on mobile computing in just about every corner of their operations.

However, businesses traditionally had to opt for single-purpose devices for each of these use cases, as there was no device that could manage all of them seamlessly. This meant purchasing and managing different devices from different vendors, adding another layer of complexity to an already fast-paced environment. Until now.


Zebra Technologies has just released its ET60/ET65, a single platform that can handle every use case in the yard. Upgrade your vehicle mount computers to the ET60/ET65 and say goodbye to the old way of managing different devices for different applications.

The versatile and rugged ET60/ET65 tablets are ready for whatever you need — a fixed vehicle mount computer for forklifts, a mobile tablet on the warehouse floor and a laptop in the office. There’s just one platform to purchase and support — simplifying life for IT and giving your operations a new level of adaptability. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice any ruggedness or performance for your forklift and material handling applications.


Zebra’s new patent-pending vehicle dock enables users to simply lock the tablet into the mount in a forklift or other material-handling vehicle.

The vehicle dock holds the ET60/ET65 in place under heavy vibration, constant pounding, and operations over ramps and bumps. The vehicle dock features heated pogo pins to avoid corrosion and loss of connection, two USB Type A ports and one serial port to connect peripherals, a ‘quick release’ functionality and three antenna pass-throughs for strong GPS and wireless signals.

With a compact design to improve operator visibility, it also boasts an adjustable tray option to attach a keyboard, and all ports on the vehicle dock are securely covered in a compartment.


  • Connects to private 5G networks: Wireless coverage of wide areas in place of Wi-Fi and Narrowband, offering consistent, cost-effective performance.
  • Easy viewing in any environment: The 10-inch ultra-bright 1000-nit display is easy to view in any lighting.
  • Rugged reliability: Undergoing stringent IP66, extreme shock, vibration and thermal shock testing – these rugged tablets are built to survive constant pounding.
  • Power longest, toughest shifts: Standard battery up to 10 hours, extended battery up to 20 hours, and hot swappable battery mode for both.
  • No-battery configurations: It can be powered by the forklift, eliminating the need to purchase batteries.
  • Ready for the freezer: The heated touch panel ensures clear visibility under heavy condensing conditions for uninterrupted cold chain workflows. Only applicable for freezer skus.
  • Data Capture: Front and rear camera for occasional barcode scanning or damage good image capture. SE55 integrated scan engine with IntelliFocus™ technology to capture barcodes as far as 12.2m away.
  • Easy data input: The touch screen is tuned for glove use; rugged and heated vehicle keyboard for familiar key-based interaction.
  • A powerful platform: A new significantly faster Qualcomm processor designed to support the fastest networks, plus artificial intelligence and machine learning apps.
  • Supports your legacy applications: With Zebra Enterprise Browser and Ivanti Velocity, it’s easy to run your existing warehouse applications.
  • Longevity: Comes with 3 years warranty. Unlike consumer grade devices, ET60/ET65 is available for sale for 4 years, eliminating the cost and complexity of mixed model deployments.

The ET60/ET65 rugged tablets from Zebra are put through more real-world tests than any other tablet in its class. What you’re left with is a tablet designed to handle practically anything in the yard, and only one device to purchase, manage and maintain.

To learn more about upgrading your vehicle mount computers to the ET60/ET65, visit