A new model for maintenance delivery

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For the last 33 years, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has been the dutiful custodian of about 480 aids to navigation.

These aids to navigation form part of a much bigger Australian network collaboratively managed with the states and territories, which safeguards the lives of seafarers, our precious seas and coastlines.

Some are iconic heritage listed lighthouses, others are buoys and beacons. All are managed using specialist contractors, underpinned by our own in-house expertise.

A recent approach to market to continue with a single national contract for maintenance did not result in AMSA awarding a contract, but did provide us with an unexpected opportunity to re-evaluate, build and diversify our maintenance delivery model.

This new model will take a regional approach to critical infrastructure services such as outage response and essential maintenance, with multiple contracts to be on offer via Austender in the New Year. In addition, and separately, we will also have a contract on offer for centralised technical support and logistics.

You may have seen incorrect information circulating in the public domain recently, and that has been deeply disappointing to see. It is likely that this may continue over the coming months.

Our stakeholders have nothing to fear for the future. We will continue to support the aids to navigation network, just in a different way.

We look forward to making more announcements soon as these tenders open and provide opportunities to Australian businesses.

As it always is, our focus is firmly on maritime safety. We will never compromise our mission of safe and clean seas.