PILBARA Ports Authority has reported a throughput of 62.6 million tonnes over the month of May 2021, which was the same as May 2020. 

The bulk export colossus of the north west, the Port of Port Hedland handled a monthly throughput of 48.4 million tonnes. 

It should come as no surprise that the lion’s share of Hedland’s throughput was iron ore exports. The port exported 48 million tonnes of the stuff. This was the same monthly throughput reported in May last year. 


Imports through the port of Port Hedland totalled 170,000 tonnes, a decrease of 3% compared to May 2020.  

Pilbara Ports said the Port of Dampier delivered a total throughput of 13.3 million tonnes, a 2% decrease from May 2020.  

Imports through the Port of Dampier totalled 109,000 tonnes, an increase of 36% from May 2020.