ENERGY company Provaris has lodged a referral submission with the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority for a green hydrogen export project in the state’s Tiwi Islands.

The Tiwi H2 project is part of Provaris’ vision to develop a safe, sustainable and efficient supply chain for exporting green hydrogen into the Asia-Pacific region.

Lodging the referral submission was an important step in the environmental aspect of the project. The process has been ongoing since before the ASX-listed company changed its name from Global Energy Ventures to Provaris earlier this year.

Provaris managing director and CEO Martin Carolan said the referral submission was a milestone for the company.

“The company continues to demonstrate the benefits of compressed hydrogen as an export carrier to alternatives that require mega-scale and capital and energy intensive processes for conversion to transport and reconversion back to hydrogen,” Mr Carolan said.

“Tiwi H2 offers the NT and Australia a first mover advantage for the export of green hydrogen into Asia.”

The referral was prepared to inform the EPA of the proposal to develop green hydrogen production and export facilities on Melville Island, within the Tiwi Islands.


The hydrogen is expected to be produced by electrolysis of purified sea water powered by solar energy, with production expected to reach 100,000 tonnes of hydrogen per annum.

Provaris executive director and chief development officer Garry Triglavcanin said the referral demonstrates the project will develop a supply chain for exporting green hydrogen that minimises environmental and social impacts.

“Provaris is committed to working closely with the Tiwi Island stakeholders to develop a project that delivers benefits to the local community during all project phases,” he said.

“With the referral submission now lodged, Provaris expects the NT EPA decision on level of assessment to follow in October 2022.”

The Tiwi H2 project reportedly has the potential to be Australia’s first export project of gaseous green hydrogen. The project includes a solar precinct, transmission line corridor, H2 production precinct and H2 export precinct.

The project is understood to have in-principle support of key stakeholders including the Tiwi Land Council, the Munupi Clan, NT Port and Marine and the Northern Territory government.

Provaris said it acknowledges that Munupi Clan permissions relating to the referral submission are not an approval for the company to proceed with the development of the project.

Approval for the project development will be subject to a staged assessment, commencing with Provaris presenting and informing the Munupi Clan of the findings of this referral and the next stage of approvals and permissions.