WITH the learnings of COVID and a renewed understanding of the value of employees and the company’s role in supporting their physical, mental and social wellbeing, shipping line ANL has a new employee experience strategy.

It has launched the Care Program – a dedicated employee experience program that is underpinned by Care (how we foster), Grow (how we thrive) and Connect (how we relate).

As one of ANL’s key strategic principles moving into 2021, CEO of ANL Shane Walden discussed this renewed vision of employee experience.

“COVID-19 was a significant eye-opener to the breadth of employee wellbeing and of course, employee experience,” he said.

“As many of us incurred a dramatic change of pace, the impacts felt by countless organisations, including ANL, forced leadership teams to re-evaluate ‘business as usual’ practices and identify how we can best maintain productivity, retain staff engagement and instill positive reinforcement amidst the challenges keeping us apart.

“However, it was during this turbulent time I understood the significance of one’s personal wellbeing to perform in the best way they know how.

“In 2020, we realised that employee engagement is truly essential to the success of our business,” Mr Walden said.


He said when ANL’s personnel felt engaged and valued, they were inspired and motivated to perform.

“So, by making a conscious effort to understand what they needed from the business, this provided us a greater understanding of what stimulated and encouraged them to produce their best work,” he said.

As part of the new strategy, ANL will be investing in employee wellness by way of exercise classes, committees/clubs, industry insight webinars, health checks and more.

“We hope that the Care program will deliver on his goal to provide a positive employee experience where all team members feel heard, secure, recognised and most importantly, valued,” Mr Walden said.

“By implementing a ‘people-first’ mindset, we hope that by catering to their needs, we will strengthen the commitment amongst teams by giving them a shared purpose and establish a better sense of community.

“Through this approach, it will enable people to work together, help each other, offer support and collaborate in an effective manner.”