BRIAN Stockwell died last week. He was 78 years old.

Mr Stockwell was the original founder of Australian freight forwarding outfit Stockwell International; he was in his 50th year of business.

A tribute from the team at Stockwell International said, “the industry lost a legend”. The tribute continues below:

After starting in the industry as a customs agent Mr Stockwell and George Bulgin opened their doors in 1971.

There were many initial struggles to overcome, the manual preparation and clearances of customs entries, psychical examinations, surveys of cargo at the wharves and the clearance of parcels. There was very little containerisation, and transport operations from a different location was difficult to navigate.

His parents had borrowed him his start-up money so he was determined to pay them back for their faith in him and their continued encouragement of his future success, even if they hadn’t transpired in those early years.

Ten years after the passing of George Bulgin, Brian decided to re-brand on his own to Stockwell International. During the early 90s they moved to Discovery Cove, opposite the new Port Botany container terminal and for the first-time incorporated Stockwell’s transport department under the same roof. Boosting Stockwell’s efficiency with container pick up and drop off.

Brian’s focus and love for the business meant that he never retired and right up until a few days before passing, was still talking to our CEO about figures.

He loved having his own kids and nephew running the business and was excited to start to see the third generation come through the business.

The love that Brian’s family have for him and his business has created such a strong foundation, it brings the family together and will continue to do so into the future. This love also extends to the Stockwell team and the family values that are extended to all of the staff.

Brian’s passion for his business also transferred to his love for life with many interests and hobbies such as his beloved boat The Seadog, the Bulldogs footy team, skiing, fishing and road cycling.   Brian would ride the age he was turning in kms on his bike for each of his birthdays and he was very serious about those long legend lunches.

Over the years Brian Stockwell and Stockwell International have supported many causes from Cancer Awareness, Motor Neuron Disease to schools specialising in the education of children with intellectual disabilities and environmental plights. Brian Stockwell and Stockwell International have also sponsored several sporting players from his own grandchildren’s football teams to surf lifesaving.

His legacy will live on through his family and the Stockwell name.

Cheers to a legend, rest in peace Brian Stockwell.