THE Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year was revealed yesterday during an online event.

FIATA and TT Club announced that Justin Goedhart, the regional winner of Region Africa and the Middle East – representing SAAFF South Africa – has been awarded the prize.

TT Club managing director, loss prevention Michael Yarwood said, “With his dissertation, presentation and video today focused on the international shipment of rhinos and large ball mill, Justin has demonstrated exemplary understanding, knowledge and passion for his profession – showing how the next generation is truly resilient and adequately equipped to meet the current and future challenges of the supply chain”.

FIATA and TT Club extended their congratulations to the three other dedicated young professionals who made it to the final stage of the competition: Georgina Perez Perez, CIFFA, Canada; Glauc Fornés Gil, FETEIA, Spain; Muhammad Wasif Wiqar, PIFFA, Pakistan.

A statement from the two organisations said all the finalists have invested impressive efforts into the competition, using their skills to provide high quality work. By their dedication, innovative minds, and enthusiasm, they are a true source of inspiration for the industry.

The final event was also the opportunity to launch next year’s competition. The award will be from now on called the Young Logistics Professional Award.

FIATA president Basil Pietersen said the change in name truly reflects FIATA’s reality.

“We want to encourage and nurture passion of the young talents representing all sectors of the industry, whatever their specialisation – this is crucial for the future of our community,” he said.

“In line with this, FIATA is planning to organize other activities to promote young logistics professionals.”

One of FIATA’s top priorities is to attract gifted young professionals to the field and meet the human resource challenge over the next years. The competition is a key tool towards this essential goal; it is a rewarding experience for the candidates, who can display their expertise, get new skills, enlarge their network, and gain exposure within the global freight forwarding community. It also shows to younger generations what a career in international freight forwarding and logistics is about – with its many opportunities to grow. FIATA and TT Club strongly encourage young logistics professionals, with the essential support of their FIATA national association, to join this exciting venture.