SPILLCON kicked off on Monday (11 September) in Brisbane, bringing together some 350 expert oil spill responders from around the world.

Maritime Safety Queensland is joining industry in providing delegates with an on-water display, showcasing specialised oil response equipment and vessels on the Brisbane River.

Maritime Safety Queensland acting general manager Jim Huggett said the Great Barrier Reef is one of the planet’s most significant natural wonders, known for its rich and exotic marine life.

“It is the world’s largest coral reef, while Queensland also boasts world-famous beaches and resorts.

“Protecting our environment for future generations is one of the Queensland’s Government’s top priorities, so hosting and sponsoring Spillcon is very much in our interest,” Mr Huggett said.

“It is a great event for global and national representatives to come together, share innovative solutions and discuss issues around marine pollution incidents and responses.”

The list of speakers at the event includes Mr Huggett, as well as representatives from AMSA, oil companies, state transport and safety departments, IMO, salvage companies, and many more.