EFFORTS by the logistics sector to support bushfire recovery have earned the praise of a prominent transport industry leader.

Victorian Transport Association chief executive Peter Anderson said it had been humbling to witness the heroics of volunteer fire fighters and first responders while the transport industry had done its bit to help, with supply chain logistics a key part of virtually every aspect of bushfire response and disaster recovery.

“As an industry we should be proud of our efforts to support the early phases of recovery: images of convoys of feed for livestock; water, food and supplies delivered to impacted communities; and people being transported out of fire zones are visual examples of how the transport industry is responding, with much more being done behind the scene to minimise disruptions in the supply chain,” Mr Anderson said.


“As governments act and communities recover, it will be important for the role of supply chains and logistics to feature prominently in the long-term planning likely to be undertaken by permanent bureaucracies being established state and federally to respond to the permanent threat of bushfire.”

VTA CEO Peter Anderson. Credit: VTA

Mr Anderson said the VTA was ready to advise agencies on how the transport industry could help. “Short-term disruptions such as road and bridge closures can be overcome but what’s important is that the long-term planning is done now to mitigate future supply chain disruptions,” he said.