CIMC Raffles signed an engineering, procurement and construction contract with Wallenius to build six pure car carriers.

The vessels will be Swedish-flagged, 200 metres long with a capacity of 6500 car-equivalent units. They will be able to travel at 16 knots and each of the ships will be equipped with one type C LNG tank.

The vessels will be built in CIMC Raffles’ Longkou shipyard in Yantai, China.

Wallenius chairman Kleberg Jonas said, “Today is a big day for Wallenius, as we confirmed our next generation low emission car carriers. Wallenius is always committed to work with a premium and long-term partner, and we believe CIMC Raffles is our optimal selection. For now, we are also continuously working to develop innovative ship design concept and logistic solutions together with our partners to lead industry and maintain our strong market position.”

CIMC Raffles president Wang Jianzhong said Wallenius’ incorporation of LNG as a fuel is forward-looking.

“The strategic vision and sense of social responsibility are admirable,” he said.

“We intend to work with Wallenius together continuously as their long-term premier engineering and construction base in China and look froward to being part of the joint force of the global low emission and green shipping initiative.”