NEW Zealand-based supply-chain software company TradeWindow is expanding its Australian operations.

TradeWindow chief operating officer Andrew Balgarnie announced the appointment of Peter Kosmina to lead the company’s Australian operations as country manager – Australia.

Mr Kosmina has previously served as CEO of 1-Stop connections, as well as ContainerLIVE and Cindicium.

Mr Balgarnie said TradeWindow has proven its value proposition to both its customers and its investors.

“Australia is ripe with opportunity, and we’re determined to help Aussies reduce the costs of doing business with the world,” Mr Balgarnie said.

In a statement, the company said its software system accelerates the trade documentation process by “enabling the exchange of information digitally and securely, replacing the need for endless paper trails”.

The company said its Cube platform enables exporters, importers, freight forwarders and customs brokers to securely share data with a “supply-chain ecosystem of ports, ocean carriers, border authorities, banks and insurance companies”.

TradeWindow in April last year acquired Sydney-based Cyberfreight. TradeWindow’s Australia operation now employs 14 people in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.