CONFIRMATION a new Office of Road Safety is to be created has been welcomed by the Australian Logistics Council.

The federal government has announced the new office will support greater national consistency in the delivery of road safety initiatives.

It follows a report of inquiry concerned with national road safety, last year recommended the establishment of such an office.

“In September 2018, ALC welcomed the report of the inquiry… and specifically noted that its recommendation to establish a national Office of Road Safety should be pursued,” ALC chief executive Kirk Coningham said.

“Delivering a coherent, nationally-consistent approach to road safety is an important step in providing certainty for freight logistics organisations that operate across state and territory borders.”


The ALC commended the government for taking a “leadership role in this area”.

“Once established, it will be vital that the Office of Road Safety works with industry leaders to ensure that national road safety initiatives properly address the challenges faced by freight logistics operators,” Mr Coningham said.

“ALC welcomes today’s announcement, and looks forward to working closely with governments, other industry bodies and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator to continue leading efforts to boost the safety of our supply chains.”