CMA CGM Scandola is the first containership to be liquefied natural gas-bunkered in Singapore and marks the first ship-to-ship operation by FueLNG Bellina, Singapore’s first LNG bunkering vessel.

The containership was fuelled with 7,100 cubic metres of LNG from FueLNG Bellina, owned by FueLNG, a joint venture between Keppel Offshore & Marine, Shell Eastern Petroleum and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

Senior minister of state for transport and foreign affairs, Mr Chee Hong Tat, who attended the launch of the bunkering operation, said, “The use of more sustainable fuels is an important element of the decarbonisation strategy.

“As the shipping industry explores alternative zero-carbon fuels, LNG is a viable transitional fuel. As a global bunkering hub, we are pleased to partner CMA CGM, FueLNG, Keppel Offshore & Marine and Shell Eastern Petroleum, to provide more sustainable bunkering solutions for the shipping industry.

“It also marks another major milestone as Asia’s first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation with simultaneous cargo operations.”

CMA CGM Scandola is the first of six new 15,000-TEU LNG-powered containerships which CMA CGM Group has lined-up to be bunkered in Singapore this year. These ships will be deployed on CMA CGM’s MEX 1 service between Asia and the Mediterranean.

It is also the first vessel in Asia to conduct simultaneous container loading and discharging operations alongside LNG bunkering operations, shortening port stay time. From Singapore, CMA CGM Scandola will set sail with more than 14,800 TEU, comprising household goods, electronic items, machinery and personal protection equipment.

FueLNG aims to provide a total of about 30 to 50 ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operations in 2021, extending its track record of over 300 truck-to-ship LNG bunkering operations so far.

Stephane Courquin, chief of CMA CGM Asia Pacific, said, “CMA CGM is committed to the energy transition in the shipping industry.

“Today, LNG is the most advanced solution when it comes to preserving air quality. This technology is one of the first steps towards achieving CMA CGM Group’s ambitious 2050 objective of carbon neutrality.”

The group’s fleet of LNG containerships will grow to 32 by the end of 2022.