A CONTINUED focus on reusable personal protective equipment is vital for the environment and the economy, chief executive of freight forwarding business Verus Global Jackson Meyer says.

Mr Myer said that as CEO of a prominent international freight and shipping company, he had a unique viewpoint of seeing what was being shipped into the nation.

He noted that PPE importation continued at a steady pace however it had somewhat plateaued since the early months of coronavirus in Australia.

“Using reusable PPE products, mainly face masks, is a really easy way for everyone to stay safe in a more environmentally conscious way,” he said.

“Since we have no idea how long the pandemic will last, it’s important to start managing this as our ‘new normal’ in a sustainable way.”

Mr Meyer said that if the global population used one disposable mask per day the consumption and subsequent disposal of single-use PPE could reach 129bn masks and 65bn gloves per month.

“Reusable or recyclable products help keep that number down as well reducing the number of masks ending up in landfill, or worse, littering the environment,” he said.

“There are many reusable masks being locally produced injecting some much-needed funds into the local economy.”