MARINE products supplier Ecochlor has released a new filterless ballast water management system known as EcoOne. The system is also available as a hybrid wth dual mode filtration.

The company developed the new systems in direct response to concerns expressed by shipowners about how existing ballast water treatment processes are inflexible and may not be suitable for all vessels under all circumstances.

Andrew Marshall, VP of business development at Ecochlor said, “Our newest BWMSs offer more options to the shipowner, allowing them to make informed decisions for the BWMS requirements for each of their vessels.

“By eliminating the filter, we have taken simplicity and reliability in ballasting operations to the maximum level.”


Ecochlor’s ClO2 treatment technology has been tested extensively to ensure that it works effectively as a single pass treatment under all operating conditions with no neutralisation or re-treatment prior to discharge.

“Plus, there are no problematic TRO sensors, electrodes or complex power supplies in either the new EcoOne systems or the Ecochlor BWMS,” Mr Marshall said.

The EcoOne recently completed extensive land-based testing, demonstrating compliance with the most recent, stringent USCG and IMO BWMS Code standards. Real-world shipboard testing is ongoing aboard an Aframax and a VLCC and is expected to be completed in May 2021.