Deal with the cruise ship problem in a professional, humane and caring manner, showing how good Australia is. Don’t just turn your back and say ‘go away’!

  1. Bring them to anchorage in Moreton Bay.
  2. Controlled testing of all souls on board by health professionals fully equipped with top protective gear and proper testing kits.
  3. Critical souls brought ashore for care and treatment.
  4. Non-critical souls brought ashore in a controlled way, to Brisbane airport and flown back home and beyond.
  5. Sanitise the ships. Get them provisioned, bunkered, serviced and allow them to depart to their home ports.
  6. Share the cost with other states, and the cruise lines.

Queensland can lead the way and show the world that Australia cares and is humane. We have the expertise in South East Queensland to get this done.


This is a fully controlled low risk method. We have a responsibility to look after our fellows on board. They need our help.

Don’t turn your back and say it can’t be done. That’s the easy way out.

Step up, take the lead, and just do it!

Australia – we can do this!

Graham Mulligan
Former CEO Port of Brisbane,
former MD of Port Wellington, NZ.