ANOTHER political battle over industrial relations is looming, with the federal government reintroducing its controversial Ensuring Integrity Bill into parliament.

The legislation was defeated in the Senate a week ago, however, the government reintroduced it with some amendments, a move applauded by business groups and denounced by unions.

Australian Council of Trade Unions president Michele O’Neil said the Bill was simply the amendments the government had agreed to last week incorporated into one document.

“Less than a week after this bill was rejected in the Senate, the Morrison Government is bringing it back at the urging of the business lobby,” Ms O’Neil said.


“This bill will hurt working people in this country, and it says everything about the arrogance and desperation of this government that it is reintroducing before Christmas a bill threatening the rights of millions of working Australians.”

But the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the reintroduction of the bill.

ACCI chief executive James Pearson said small businesses would be encouraged by the government’s determination.

“This bill is too important to abandon. We need to fight for vulnerable employees and small business people who continue to face threats of violence and intimidation from a lawless minority within the union movement,” Mr Pearson said.

“Cross-bench Senators now have an opportunity to re-examine this Bill. We encourage them to sit down with the Government and raise their concerns in order for this important piece of legislation to get through.”