THIS week the Victorian Government re-affirmed the vital function being performed by the port and the freight and logistics sector during the COVID-19 crisis, according to the Port of Melbourne. The Australian Transport and Infrastructure Council has also affirmed the critical role of the freight and logistics sector.

“The state government advised that our industry and the supply chain we service were ‘a priority’ and will ensure we continue to operate normally. This includes the complete supply chain, across ports, rail, maritime, stevedoring, intermodal, transfer facilities, distribution, warehousing, freight yards, depots and systems,” said PoM CEO Brendan Bourke.

“This is positive confirmation that the work we all do is required to keep the economy moving. We are all a vital link in ensuring that much-needed supplies coming into the port get into the hands of consumers and businesses, and that exporters keep and build their international markets.”


“We continue to maintain daily dialogue with government, industry associations and critical service providers to monitor and adapt to the evolving nature of this crisis,” he said.

“We are aware of some issues currently impacting on port operations and we encourage an outcome that supports the normal flow of goods.”

Mr Bourke said the port recognises and greatly appreciates the hard work and dedication shown by everyone associated with port operations and related freight activities.

“In particular, we thank the vital service providers – including pilots, tugs, mooring crews, security and terminal employees – for their support in keeping the port safe, functional and productive,” he said.

“We wish everyone good health through these difficult times.”