AS PART of its economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Victorian government announced a $2.7bn in additional expenditure to fund large and small shovel-ready projects.

The Building Works projects are to include a combination of investments in building new schools and renovating existing ones.

As part of this new support package, $328m has been allocated for resurfacing and patching roads, including 300km of regional rail improvements and repairs and maintenance across the transport network.

“The transport industry will benefit directly and indirectly through these projects with jobs in supply chains including manufacturing, logistics, transportation and warehousing,” said VTA chief executive Peter Anderson.


“As we all know, any time a new school, road, rail line is built, hundreds of truck movements are required to deliver construction materials, excavate soil and remove waste from sites, which translates into more work for transport operators and jobs in our sector.

“The VTA welcomes these new initiatives which will underpin the Victorian government’s Economic Survival Package that was announced to help businesses get through the massive disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.”