FINANCIAL support announced by the Commonwealth and Victorian governments to help businesses impacted by the coronavirus will minimise unemployment, VTA boss Peter Anderson says.

PM Scott Morrison announced a $66bn economic recovery package with a focus on supporting small businesses to stay afloat and keep people employed.

The Victorian government announced a $1.7bn economic survival and jobs package to provide relief to employers.

“Working collaboratively as an industry will be essential and the Association can play an important role with linking members with government and other stakeholder resources,” said VTA CEO Peter Anderson.


“It has been encouraging to see the industry come together like never before to keep supply chains running as smoothly and efficiently as they possibly can, and I have no doubt this positive attitude and approach to work and helping our fellow Australians will continue over the weeks and months ahead.”

Mr Anderson said the VTA was fully staffed and geared towards helping members.

“I encourage members and industry to use the Association wherever possible,” he said. “We can provide fact-based advice on many fronts including industrial relations, human resources, sector guidance and individual support, and our focus is on helping members to minimise the disruption and upheaval the coronavirus has caused throughout our industry.”