AMERICAN cloud-based logistics platform ShipBob has opened its first fulfilment centre in Australia.

ShipBob said this would enable ecommerce businesses around the world to deliver fast and affordable shipping.

The fulfillment centre is in Melbourne near Tullamarine Airport.

The company said with the new fulfilment centre, its customers will be able to ship domestically in Australia. This will reduce shipping costs, improve the customer experience with shorter transit times, remove import duties and reduce purchase barriers for their Australian customers.

ShipBob partnered with Australia Post, securing discounted shipping rates and fast delivery times. The company said a majority of shipments arrive in one to three business days.

ShipBob said it assists customers through the process of becoming a non-resident importer and sending freight to the Australian fulfillment centre with the option to leverage ShipBob’s relationships with cross-border freight specialists.

ShipBob CEO and co-founder Dhruv Saxena said the company’s mission is to democratise fulfillment for direct-to-consumer brands of all sizes around the world.

“Our customers have expressed interest in expanding their reach into Australia,” he said.

“Like our entire fulfillment network, our Australian fulfillment centre will be held to the ShipBob promise of reliable, fast, and inexpensive shipping with end-to-end transparency from one dashboard, managing all of our customers’ inventory, orders and sales channels.”

ShipBob is a cloud-based logistics platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It aims to provide them access to supply-chain and fulfillment capabilities.