THE COVID-19 pandemic provides business and policy makers an opportunity to refine their processes, Export Council of Australia chair Dianne Tipping says.

Ms Tipping said up until now, attention had focused on how best to manage the health crisis and short-term economic shock.

However, the crisis also presented an opportunity, she said, provoking Australian companies and government agencies to stop pursuing “business as usual”.


“The crisis offers government agencies and businesses the perfect opportunity to strip away unnecessary red-tape, digitise every activity, and aggressively promote Australia’s highly educated workforce and geographic advantages,” Ms Tipping said.

“And, with local and global consumers all the more concerned about the provenance and the sustainability of their purchases, the crisis offers Australian corporates and SMEs the opportunity to question every assumption, re-consider their supply chains wherever possible, and reposition their products and services as responsible and relevant to the world’s needs,” she said.

“[It is] time for all of us to strengthen our resilience and plan towards the new norm.”