MID-West Ports Authority is recommencing shipping at Port of Geraldton on Thursday afternoon. The port shut down on Saturday ahead of the arrival of cyclone Seroja.

MWPA acting CEO Damian Tully said the cyclone caused significant damage across the region, but the port sustained only minimal damage that will not impact operations.

“As a key economic driver for the Mid West region, it is critical that the port is operational,” he said.

“It has been our focus to check all our critical assets in a thorough and timely manner to ensure that the Port can safely recommence operations as soon as practicable.”

MWPA harbour master and incident control manager Sharad Kohli said: “A hydrographic survey was completed late yesterday afternoon and has reported that the commercial harbour, tug harbour, fishing boat harbour and shipping channel have not collected any additional debris as a result of the storm. With power restored, vessels’ movements will recommence.”

MWPA’s priority leading up to the cyclone, and afterwards, has been the safety of its people, port assets and seafarers.

The authority’s focus since Monday has been to ensure that the port was ready to safely recommence shipping as soon as power was restored.

MWPA thanked DFES, SES, the army and the many volunteers who are assisting, and continue to assist in the clean-up operations across our region.